• Date: 6.6.2017
  • Location: Andhra Pradesh

These are used very widely as an alternative to petrol/diesel/CNG auto rickshaws. They are 4 wheelers pulled by an electric motor ranging from 2000-3000 Watts.

Only a few other countries manufacture these vehicles. We make these E-Rickshaws with our team and introduce the eco- friendly motors in the cities.

The term solar rickshaw is most commonly used to describe battery-electric rickshaws whose batteries are indirectly solar-charged (i.e. independently from the vehicle) prior to use. This is usually facilitated by removing batteries in need of charging from the vehicle, and exchanging them for batteries which have already been charged. Along with batteries solar panels also fitted to rickshaws directly.

These are Directly fitted with solar panels and these Battery-run rickshaws could be a low-emitter complementary transport for the low-income people, who suffer most from a lack of transport facility