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Our Vision

  • To establish motorsports to the top most level in India.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and innovations across India.
  • To develop technical, scientific aspects and engineering standards from the core level.

looking ahead

Our mission

  • To mobilize motorsports enthusiasts across India
  • To establish driving schools and race tracks.
  • To support student Entrepreneurs in India.
  • To support students to pursue their researches in India.
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Core values

  • Provide great work environment and treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Product/service quality and reliability.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • We practice open, real communication.
  • We face challenges with optimism.
  • We empower entrepreneurs.

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who we are

About us

SRMT (Sandhaan Research & Motorsports Technologies) is a Company that provides a platform to all engineering and diploma pursuing candidates to steer their path towards technical and managerial expertise.

Future plans also focus on providing vital resources to the students participating at our design challenges which will help them to pursue research in their respective field.

All the resources in this sector would be provided to the participating teams through national and international collaborations.

what we do


Excellent pathway

Supporting Students to Pursue their carrier and to provide a path to students to increase their skills in their respective fields.

In search of possibilities

Organizing events to show their talents across the country and also to provide financial assistance to make their Researches in any field .

Eco friendly Motors

We manufacture E-Rickshaws with our well skilled expertise team and to reduce the growing pollution with population.


Energizing Renewable sources and The research is ongoing to increasing the capability of solar panels and video controlled drones.

Science and Technology

Design of nano particle embedded with nano-membrane-filter to reduce air pollution to reduce emission of green house gases.

Sublime Opportunities

we provide excellent opportunities for the students with fire and inovative brains. lot of possibilities to pursue their passion and dreams into career.

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Future Plans